Materials and Technology for Sportswear and Performance Apparel

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  • Activewear Testing Solutions - Intertek Activewear Testing Solutions. From everyday workout apparel to professional team uniforms, Intertek offers comprehensive activewear testing solutions to measure.
  • Textile Standards - ASTM International Designation Title; D3135 - 12: Standard Specification for Performance of Bonded, Fused, and Laminated Apparel Fabrics : D3562 - 14: Standard Performance Specification.
  • Apparel at a Crossroads: The End of Low-Cost-Country Sourcing Sooner or later, there will be no low-cost countries left to meet apparel makers' needs. But keeping labor costs down is not their only option.
  • Pattern Maker for Clothing & Apparel Industry Pattern Makers Pattern making and fashion related technical design. Apparel Search is the largest and fastest growing online guide to the apparel industry.
  • Sailing Apparel for men and women | Slam ®Sailing Apparel. I AM_The Mag is a magalog packed with fun facts, passion, technology, performance and sailing sportswear. I AM_The Mag expresses the values of Slam that extend beyond.
  • Apparel Manufaturers, Suppliers & Exporters in Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Apparel. Sri Lanka - One of the World's leading Apparel Export Nations Reputed for Quality & Reliability
  • Women’s Apparel | Masons Tennis inPhorm is an international collection made luxurious performance fabrics combined with unmatched detail in construction to create comfortable, athletic and elegant.
  • Home Page - Ascend Sportswear Ascend Sportswear offers the most competitive custom cycling jersey program out there. We are dedicated to supplying you with the highest quality custom cycling.
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